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Are you ready to never have to raise a round or hire again?

Customer-Financed Acquisition.

Join 1,000+ leading founders today. 


Founder & CEO Jonathan Herzog
I work with vision-aligned founders from pre-seed to IPO as CEO Coach.


1000x Founder Coaching (TM)

  • 80% of founders had never worked with a coach before.

  • 70% of founders were first-generation immigrants.

  • The median founder generates 10M+ Revenue participating in the program.

  • Learn the Tactical Skill-Stack of organic founder-led movement building and customer-financed acquisition to close Fortune 100 Deals so you Never Have to Raise a Round Again.

  • Master The Algorithm (TM) - the first-principles inductive reasoning formula to stop self-sabotaging and people-pleasing so you break through upper limits.​​

Investor-Dependence Mindset 

Kabuki theatre of the raise
Chasing round after round
Report to investors and board

Customer-Financed Acquisition (CFA)

Never have to raise again
10x Revenue
Own your time and distribution

The Secret to Your Success

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