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Customer-Financed Acquisition Changes your Life & Business

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If You Depend on Investors for Working Capital
It Means You're Doing it Wrong


Customer-Financed Acquisition is one of the best ways to close Fortune 100 Deals

and never have to raise a round again.

You probably think your hardest problem is 1) raising the next round, 2) hiring the best team, or 3) something to do with shipping product, right?

The actual root cause is revenue. If best-case scenario you could guarantee, wave your magic stick, and 10x revenue this year, then none of the problems would really matter that much, right? This is exactly what customer-financed acquisition solves.

What’s your average time to close now? Let’s call it 6 months. And your average contract value? Let’s call it 100K. What’s your main top-of-funnel lead source? Inbound, SEM, SEO, referral, network? Lead-gen prospecting? ZoomInfo or some agency?

Who is the functional counter-party that you close deals with now? VP of something or other or some C-suite? Ok well this is the root of your working capital cash flow problem. This is the 10x delta. 

Founders in the cohort have been backed by a16z, Founders Fund, YC, Sequoia, founders and execs at Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Coinbase, from health-tech, deep-tech, agri-tech, B2B SaaS, crypto, biotech, aerospace, CPG and actively closing deals using these direct tools with Amazon, Netflix, United, Tata, Virat Kohli, United Health, Mayo Clinic, Cedars Sinai - without having to hire any more full-time employees, agencies, consultancies or ad spend which is like pushing on a string.

These tools cut your time to close by a factor of 10, and 10x your deal volume while saving you dozens of hours in bullsh*t work. They end the era of complex RFPs, LOIs, ghosted term sheets to create a consistent faucet of cash-flow generating demand.

These tools are the highest leverage alpha. Imagine near-zero cost of acquisition, 100x higher ALTV. Direct, permissionless, gatekeeperless. These tools are decentralized. It's time to bring the power back to your hands as founder.


These tools are this era’s alpha - how founders get to customer-financed acquisition - where you never have to raise a round or hire again. These tools work to create a consistent faucet of cash-flow generating demand for your industry, for your sector, for your exact kind of product and market. That’s been proven. These tools are how the median founder conservatively generates more than 10 million in new revenue. 

This process is designed to:

  • Create 1000x leverage for you and your business

  • Solve your hardest business problems live together

  • Achieve customer-financed acquisition so you never have to raise a round or hire again


Watch this video today:


So how does it work?


To make sure you get the absolute best results, I only deliver these tools right now in confidential CEO Cohort Coaching exclusively with me, Jonathan Herzog, leveraging every single tool I have created and used over the past decade in my practice and as a founder and operator. Imagine YC batches for founder group coaching. 

Here’s why. These tools include a full tactical stack for direct high-leverage distribution, but even more importantly - the root-cause inductive reasoning process - what we call the “lines of code” in your mind. You question every limiting belief except the ones you assume are true. By learning to become the full-stack engineer of your mind to stop self-sabotaging so you’re not in a rush to exit, scale the next 1000x. 

This process is custom-made to work for you. 80% of founders had never worked with a coach before. 70% were first-generation immigrants. The delta between founders that successfully bridge the gap from 0 to 1 to 1 to n - from product-led founder to distribution-led CEO - is the quality and velocity of their decision making. In an age of infinite leverage, judgment is the most important skill.

Even if you get just a 10% delta in the quality and velocity of your decision-making - that will create or destroy tens- hundreds of millions - in value. I have designed this to set you up for complete success. Now is the perfect time to get started. I believe in helping founders achieve their biggest ambitions and create lives of deep meaning. 

There is no commitment required. If you decide later you wanna go all-in on working together, then you can apply the nominal fee towards that - it truly is a win-win for you in whatever decision you make. 

So what’s included is weekly confidential CEO Cohort coaching calls, ongoing 24/7 on-demand access to the proprietary Advanced Resource Vault and Private Podcast recordings, including the end-to-end full-stack tactical customer-financed acquisition protocol and algorithm. 

The structured prompts guide you through each tool in a step-by-step process. You’ll be armed with every tool, which you can take to scale. I want to earn the right of your time and investment to deliver the highest ROI of your career. 

That’s a small taste of the kind of work we could do together. Happy to share live exactly what it could look like. So make sure you book your CEO Cohort Coaching trial below. 

Ready to Never Have to Raise a Round Again?


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Joe Vezzani, LunarCrush CEO & Founder

"Jonathan will challenge your thought patterns and give you the tools to act. You will notice a change in your approach to decision making...after just one session. If you find yourself at an impasse or are looking to scale yourself or your business 1000x, call Jonathan."

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Tess Cosad, Bea Fertility CEO & Founder

"Working with Jonathan is one of the best decisions I made as a CEO. His approach to coaching is unique, always driving me to application in ways that have been incredibly beneficial for my leadership and my company. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

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Farbood Nivi, Sequel CEO & Founder

"Every time I work with Jonathan I unlock an important, and more importantly, useful insight.

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