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Hey There!

I'm Jonathan.


Founder, operator, coach to $100B+ portfolio of tech founders, CEOs, execs from pre-seed to IPO.

The 1000x Founder Coaching Program (TM)

  • 80% of founders had never worked with a coach before.

  • 70% of founders were first-generation immigrants.

  • The median founder generates $10M+ Revenue participating in the program.

  • Learn the Tactical Skill-Stack of organic founder-led movement building and customer-financed acquisition to close Fortune 100 Deals so you Never Have to Raise a Round Again.

  • Master The Algorithm (TM) - the first-principles inductive reasoning formula to stop self-sabotaging and people-pleasing so you break through upper limits.​​

  • Weekly 1-on-1 confidential CEO coaching calls.

  • Ongoing private written CEO coaching with proprietary Resource Vault to unleash your One Line of Code. 

  • The Full-Stack Self-Management Operating System (TM) for you and your exec team - imagine the best AI Chief of Staff.


"The world's best personal coach." - Public Company CEO

"Every time I work with Jonathan I unlock an important, and more importantly, useful insight." -Farbood Nivi, Briefcase Founder

"Jonathan is our best kept secret. He's how we close Fortune 10 deals." - Series C Founder

"Jobs, Bezos, and Sergey had Bill Campbell. The trillion dollar founders of this era have you." - Series D Founder

"If YC gets you 0 to 1, Jonathan gets you 1 to n." - Series B Founder

"Jonathan has an incredible aptitude to work from first principles. He unpacks issues, uncovers the core pain, and builds up from there. This methodology has proven to be incredibly effective at netting parabolic results quickly." - Jared Schwartzentruber, Prefix Founder

"Working with Jonathan is one of the best decisions I made as a CEO. His approach to coaching is unique, always driving me to application in ways that have been incredibly beneficial for my leadership and my company. I cannot recommend him highly enough."  -Tess Cosad, Bea Fertility Founder

"Jonathan will challenge your thought patterns and give you the tools to act. You will notice a change in your approach to decision making in your personal and professional life after just one session. If you find yourself at an impasse or are looking to scale yourself or your business 1000x, call Jonathan." - Joe Vezzani, LunarCrush Founder

"Working with Jonathan has made me fall in love with my business all over again. So much of being an entrepreneur is the mental game. Jonathan is an expert at helping you move through challenges and focus on what will have the most impact, so you can get out of your own way and grow beyond what you dream to be possible. It's been a game changer for me!" -Ashleigh Lockerbie, BB Founder 


"Jonathan is the Emotional Patterns Guy - he points out the things that I’m doing unconsciously. I’ll now go through my day and notice emotions coming up, notice stories I’m telling myself, and notice patterns coming through in unproductive ways. As an entrepreneur, you should be way more willing than your average cat to invest aggressively in yourself.  Invest that time in self-improvement and learning. It’s why for years I didn’t contribute to a 401k, didn’t save for retirement, and did nothing but invest in myself. Over-investing in yourself and ignoring conventional financial advice makes all the sense in the world." - Series A Founder

"[Jonathan's] coaching helped me gain clarity, develop new perspectives, and take meaningful actions towards my goals. [His] wisdom and compassionate approach made our sessions both insightful and enjoyable." - Suman Kanuganti, Aira Founder

"A visionary who gets sh*t done." - Andrew Yang, Venture for America Founder

"[Jonathan's] created the new playbook for exponential growth startup movements." -Series A Founder

"Jonathan has been an invaluable coach in helping me explore the depths of my subconscious to find my true agency. My decision-making mental model is now driven by power and responsibility instead of worry and fear. I've learned to question my inherent assumptions with radical candor. Jonathan's insights were crucial in breaking through self-imposed upper limits on my ambitions and abilities. Additionally, his coaching extends to my personal life, empowering me to build and foster healthy relationships with loved ones." - Utkarsh Sinha, KeyGen Labs Founder

"The best investment I've ever made." - Pre-Seed Founder

"Thanks to you, I'm no longer the biggest a**hole to myself." -Seed Founder

"Jonathan's coaching was a beacon during a challenging phase of my startup journey. His unique approach to processing information and emotions led to extraordinary 10x gains in both my personal and professional life. These invaluable lessons are not just for the present but for a lifetime. Jonathan doesn't just coach; he empowers you to find and harness your true potential." -Siddharth Jain, Martian Founder 

"Working with Jonathan has truly been life changing for me. I am getting tears in my eyes just writing this. When I started working with Jonathan, my goal was to...achieve complete independence. Jonathan's insightful questioning and skilled coaching challenged me to admit what I truly desired. I had just buried that desire and convinced myself otherwise, because I was so afraid. 


Step by step, Jonathan helped me push through my internal fears and blocks. I was literally shaking...I felt so empowered by the way Jonathan helped me frame the experience. Only 2 months later, I got exactly what I wanted. This is also the healthiest, most aligned and loving I have ever felt. I genuinely do not think I would have this success if it had not been for his coaching. 


Jonathan helped me make moves in my business, improve my self esteem, and approach life with a more empowered perspective. Jonathan’s support brings clarity and calm and he helps you feel everything is within your reach, because it is." - Catherine S., CEO

Former Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, Office of the New York State Attorney General. Endorsed by Vitalik Buterin, Matt Mullenweg, Michael Sandel et al. 

I got my J.D., cum laude from Harvard Law School, my MBA with distinction from NYU Stern School of Business, graduated 1st in my class with a BA from Harvard University, and certified with The Life Coach School. Previously built and scaled a 12-figure exit to community and 9-figure software operation.

In an age of infinite leverage, judgment is the most important skill -Naval Ravikant.

Are you ready to create 1000x leverage for you and your mission?


Let's go.

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Jonathan Herzog
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