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Hey There!

I'm Jonathan.


Founder, operator, coach to $100B+ portfolio of tech founders from pre-seed to IPO.

Previously built and scaled a 12-figure exit to community and 9-figure software operation.

Former Goldman Sachs, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, Office of the New York State Attorney General, Balaji Srinivasan's early founding team, endorsed by Vitalik Buterin, Matt Mullenweg, Michael Sandel et al

"The best personal coach I've ever had." - Matt Mochary (coach to Sam Altman, Naval Ravikant)

"A visionary who gets sh*t done." - Andrew Yang 

"Jobs, Bezos, and Sergey had Bill Campbell. The trillion dollar founders of this era have you." - Series D Founder

"Jonathan is our best kept secret. He's how we close Fortune 10 deals." - Series C Founder

"The best investment I've ever made." - Pre-Seed Founder

"If YC gets you 0 to 1, Jonathan gets you 1 to n." - Series B Founder

"Jonathan has created the modern playbook for exponential growth startup movements." -Series A Founder

"Thanks to you, I'm no longer the biggest a**hole to myself." -Seed Founder

I got my J.D., cum laude from Harvard Law School, my MBA with distinction from NYU Stern School of Business, graduated 1st in my class with a BA from Harvard University, and certified with The Life Coach School. 

Are you ready to create 1000x leverage for you and your mission?

Let's go.

Jonathan Herzog
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